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In May 2022, REL announced a $20 million investment in Anuvia™ Plant Nutrients’ $65.5 million in Series D funding. REL co-led the round with associated Riverstone Entities and Piva Capital. Anuvia will use the financing to increase production capacity at its U.S.-based plant, a previously idled Mosaic-owned production facility, and expand commercialisation of its SymTRX™ XP line of field-ready, sustainable bio-based fertilizers for large-scale agriculture. Also joining the Series D round are Morgan Stanley Investment Management, LK Advisers Limited (Mittal Family Office), along with existing investor Pontifax Global Food and Agriculture Technology Fund.

Anuvia Plant Nutrients manufactures a sustainable, bio-based fertiliser that decarbonizes existing on-farm practices while improving yields at attractive ROIs for row crop growers. Located in Winter Garden, Florida, the company developed a unique manufacturing process that optimises nutrient availability for plants while improving soil health, preserving natural resources, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Founded in 2008 and first commercialised in 2014, Anuvia was recently recognised by the Financial Times as one of the Americas’ fastest growing companies for the second consecutive year. Anuvia is committed to offering easily adoptable, profitable, and sustainable solutions to customers, their communities, and global agriculture.

Find out more on Anuvia Plant Nutrients website.

Anuvia Plant Nutrients

Anuvia Plant Nutrients